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Certified Financial Planner
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I am privileged to provide you with this wide range of complex and valuable services.
<p>Financial Planning<br />

Financial Planning

Through the financial planning process, we help you assess your financial needs and develop strategies that will enable you to achieve your financial goals.
<p>Retirement Planning<br />


Developing a strategy designed to help you accumulating retirement assets in a tax-efficient manner, ensuring that you will have the resources needed in future years.
<p>High Net-Worth<br />
Wealth Planning</p>

High Net-Worth
Wealth Planning

We provide highly specialized counsel in the areas of high-net-worth financial, tax, estate and business transition planning to help you achieve what matters most to you.
<p>Tax Planning<br />

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a significant focus of your financial plan and is integrated with outside specialists.
<p>Estate Planning<br />
& Wills</p>

Estate Planning
& Wills

Facilitates the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries to provide security for your survivors while minimizing taxes. External referrals may be involved.
<p>Executor &<br />
Trustee Services</p>

Executor &
Trustee Services

We offer a comprehensive range of estate and trust advisory services including administration, property management, investment management and tax filing.
<p>Education<br />


Helping to pay for post-secondary school can help give your child the advantage of graduating with minimal debt, or even debt-free.
<p>Investment Portfolio<br />

Portfolio Design

Recommend solutions based on your individual investment profile, risk tolerance and future needs to provide for a solid strategy that fits your financial plan.
<p>Investment Monitoring<br />
& Analysis</p>


In addition to tracking and analyzing shifts in the market and tax environments, we work closely with you to monitor changes in your life or changes in your assets.
I am privileged to provide you with this wide range of complex and valuable services.

Regular One-on-One

We meet twice annually to catch up, review your plan, and address questions and changes to your needs and goals.

Invitations to Regular
Seminars & Events

Invitations to special client events are were offered. Seminars and events include industry information and social appreciation events.

Risk Management

The evaluation of your financial risks together with the identification of strategies to avoid or minimize their impact are part of your overall plan.

Access to Professional 
Advisory Network

Access to a network of strategic partners provide for a group of reputable professionals to assist you with both personal and business needs.

Detailed Account

A summary of your financial transactions are offered regularly in an accurate and easy to read format.

Online Account

Your online account access makes it easy and convenient to monitor your account.

Custodial Services
& Resources

Providing a partner who can offer streamlined execution and clearing services as well as a full spectrum of products and resources to meet your needs.

Mortgage Broker

Referral to a mortgage specialist helped to secure a more attractive mortgage rate.
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